In this era of technology where social networking is a very integral part of our daily lives, or should I say the majority of what our life actually is! From the moment we wake up to until our eyes shut automatically,  it always sticks around us (more likely the other way around)! And with the debut of another addictive app, we have another reason to log in and log out once in a while, for who doesn’t like to read about themselves.

So this crazy new thing that’s appearing in every Instagram story, Facebook page and wherever else you share your presence is actually a Website called which also has it’s own app and is basically a feedback tool that let’s you create your account and send and receive feedbacks about yourself. How cool is that. But oops there’s a twist in the tale, all this goodwill happens ANONYMOUSLY!

Yeah you heard it right, you give a feedback anonymously as well as receive it in a similar way. At first it might sound really fun, but on a deep psychological level, is it really that cool? Especially as it’s most going to be used by the teenage and young adult category, how much an effect will it cause?

Primarily it might seem all good. Feedbacks and opinions to help improve someone else definitely has a positive effect on the other person. Not only does it boost their self confidence but also helps them improve their flaws. But just in case you were thinking that’s how the story ends, you probably were wrong. Since you know the level of narcissism that has set into our beloved 21st century audience it doesn’t seem they will even accept their flaws at the first place.

Secondly even if their is some appreciation, it’s highly unlikely it would come from someone who they know or vice versa because if it really was from a friend or acquaintance they could have said it directly, be it an appreciation criticism or improvement, there is absolutely no point in getting an anonymous judgement. Period. 

Thirdly the feedbacks you receive are mostly from people who don’t know the real you and make half informed judgements not realising how dangerous an impact it can have on you. Maybe most of you won’t take them that seriously but few definitely would. For them excessive appreciation would become a reason to feel proud (of something that they actually aren’t) while maybe some would take the negative comments seriously, causing damage to their self esteem (again for no apparent reason). 

This brings us to the conclusion that the anonymous feature is actually useless. Because unless and until someone reveals their identity, you never know who said what and even if it makes a valid point to consider those feedbacks. 

Also it makes a comfortable way for people who usually don’t have the guts to do anything right on the face. Be it a confession, a revelation or revenge, this platform has made it super easy for them to hide behind the label of anonymity and say whatever they want. 

Some might consider it good because they finally could say the thing they otherwise could not, but the very basic moral that’s degrading in the process is courage. Today you might have gotten away with this, but not always would you have this label to face things. Someday you will need the courage and would lack it, because somewhere down the line, the smallest things you ignored have had a major cumulative impact. 

On a concluding note my opinion says, every coin has two faces. Just like how it’s positive for who actually give real feedbacks (possibly with a hint because anonymity isn’t really helpful) to improve someone or just show gratitude to someone is a really good idea. 

But for others who use it in every other possible way (to the extent of giving feedbacks to themselves, just to increase the feedback count and flaunting it in their instagram stories), guys please stop doing that. It would seem fun at the moment but wouldn’t for any good if not harm.

So instead of waiting for anonymous feedbacks to tell you who you are and how to improve, stop wasting your precious time and make the change for yourself, today.



​Heartbroken from someone’s ignorance, she asked me, “Is this is the price you pay for love?” And though reflexively I wanted to say NO, but ended up saying it does. Yes, love surely costs something. 

Yes it hurts, But maybe that’s the reason love is so hard to be in. Because we constantly compare it from person to person. Rather than simply getting faded in the feeling. 

Because love is merely a feeling, rather the best feeling. But we stop believing in it’s complexities because for us love means the person who once slashed our fruits, not the feeling that grew it’s roots. But the thing to be introspected is, that person was at fault, not the love you spread. 

Love is never wrong, it’s the people who can’t judge it’s value are wrong. So never close your doors for love, never burn those roots that breed more love. 

And even though you might come across such butchers many a times, but for those who are connected to the same network of roots like yours, somewhere out there in the world, will surely knock your doors, to take shed under the vibrant flowers of this mutual feeling. 

Just never burn away those roots.

Let that door be open forever.


She wasn’t insane, just a mess of millions of thoughts that bombarded her conscience all at the same time. Some thought she has attitude, some pitied that recluse, some tried to peep inside but stepped back as soon as they saw the storm hide. The storm that was more of a mixed platter of pain and suffering coated with the frills of sugary happiness, yet was poisonous enough to kill every relationship that tried to survive. 

Was she meant to be misunderstood for the eternity that’s left ? Was she really so complicated to be loved? Were words the only entities that helped her survive somehow?

Yes! She had lost her mind yet again, but she couldn’t help. She stopped herself from doing the right thing, the thing she desired ever since she understood life and people. And today when she wants to step out of her self made barriers, to do what her heart desires, she realises her wings have  rotten long ago.

And all she’s left back now with are those desires, trapped in the crowd of hopelessness, waiting for another eternity to begin, for this journey has already ended, long ago when she gave up on her desires. 

Letting them rot in the corners of her heart, soon they will take their revenge on her, taking away her breath of life. Because though the world suppressed her in every possible way, she was the one who butchered her dreams. Maybe she thought magic will mend things soon, but if only she knew magic resides only in a heart and soul that’s alive, and not just beating and breathing. 

Even today she breaths but has lost the one in her that sparkled grace. Yes she’s still insane but no more do desires emerge in her heart. Just a brain, that’s bombarded with unfinished thoughts, suffocating her soul, bleeding messy words, raining salty drops, waiting for another eternity to begin.


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The one who comes last in the race wins as much as the one who crosses the line first. The only loser is the one who never dares to cross the starting line. One who always loves to cheer from the stands. Who can find a hundred reasons to slip through the back door but not a single reason to be the frontrunner. Who’d relentlessly suffer, hiding in shadows yet won’t show up on the starting line, fearing what if he fails!

And honestly speaking, somehow this person resides in everyone of us, in some nook and corner, playing hide and seek from time to time. Neither strong nor weak, always eclipsed between the dawn of heart and dusk of mind. Desperately awaiting the single moment when your guts go weak and self esteem beats slow, and that is when you stop.

You think it’s okay to stop sometimes, to sit back in the gallery and cheer for others, unfortunately not realising that deep down inside a part of you wails for missing out on another experience. For it can’t comprehend your fears, but only see that you are as much capable as the one out there. Then what to fear and why to hide away. For mistakes are something we all make and winning or losing never makes any sense.

The only real aim is to play every game. To try your guts out, no matter how hard it seems. For at the end of day the only winner is the one who tried and everyone else celebrates defeat.

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